About PPCS

The Pan-Pacific Continence Society (PPCS), a collaborative effort among six organizations from - Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, Australia/NZ, and Indonesia - has been at the forefront of advancing knowledge and expertise in the field of continence care. The forthcoming 18th PPCS meeting, hosted for the first time in Indonesia, marks a milestone in the society's journey. Organized by six visionary member countries, PPCS epitomizes the spirit of international collaboration in healthcare. With a focus on continence care, the society has played a pivotal role in fostering cross-cultural exchanges, sharing best practices, and addressing the unique challenges faced by diverse communities.

As PPCS prepares for its 18th meeting in Indonesia, the society stands on the edge of a new era in global continence care. The meeting promises not only to showcase the latest knowledge on urinary disorders but also to serve as a vibrant academic event and a festive gathering of professors from around the world. Through this convergence of minds, PPCS continues to strengthen its mission of advancing continence care on a global scale, transcending borders and fostering a community united by a shared commitment to excellence in healthcare.

Harrina Erlianti Rahardjo
President of PPCS 2024

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