About FAUA

The Federation of ASEAN Urological Associations (FAUA) was formed by the Urological Association of ASEAN countries on 31st October 1993 which also made the first The First Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The former members of FAUA was Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore and Thailand. In 6th July 2023 the former members of FAUA and the new members (Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam) made the amandement of the first Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Currently the FAUA has 8 member associations and welcoming the rest of ASEAN countries to join.


FAUA is an non profit organization collaborating in Urological service and education. The objective of FAUA is :

  • Exchange of scientific knowledge as well as collaborate in programmes between National Associations, practicing urologist and urologist in training
  • Implementing the ASEAN health programs especially in the field of Urology
  • Establish collaboration with urology associations around the world

FAUA plans to accomplish these objective:

  • Held annual scientific meeting which discuss the latest issue, new technology around the world especially in ASEAN
  • Send delegation to presenting or attending in scientific meeting which held by association members or another urology association around the world
  • Foster and renew fellowship among urologist working in ASEAN countries
  • Align the FAUA programs to the ASEAN Charter

Board of Director
  • Secretary general : Paksi Satyagraha
  • Secretary : Lee Lui Shiong
  • Scientific Chair: Noor Ashani
Council Member
  • Malaysia : Khairul Asri Mohd Ghani
  • Philippines : Karl Marvin Tan
  • Singapore : Lau Wei Da
  • Thailand : LVorapot Choonhaklai
  • Indonesian : Lukman Hakim
  • Cambodian : Man Libertine
  • Myanmar : Phone Myint
  • Vietnam : Thai Ngo Xuan
  • Immediate Past Secretary General : Samuel Vincent G. Yrastorza
  • Finance Committee : Lee Lui Shiong
  • Scientific Committee : Noor Ashani
  • Research Committee : Khairul Asri Mohd Ghani
  • Training Committee : Vorapot Choonhaklai
  • Publications Committee : Karl Marvin Tan

Association Members:

  • Cambodian Urological Association
  • Indonesian Urological Association
  • Malaysian Urological Association
  • Myanmar Urological Association
  • Philippine Urological Association
  • Singapore Urological Association
  • Thai Urological Association
  • Vietnam Urology and Nephrology Association

All members of each National Association are automatically registered as individual members of the FAUA. Urologist in ASEAN countries without any official national association may personally apply as individual members. Once they form their national association, they may apply to officially part of the FAUA. There will be no entrance or subscription fees involved in joining the FAUA.

FAUA Programs

1. Exchange Fellows

Exchange programmes for urologist in training will be arranged directly between its member associations and approved by the executive Committee. The candidate approved will be known as a FAUA exchange fellow

2. Scientific Meeting

FAUA held annual scientific meeting every year. The associations member will undertake in yearly rotation to host a scientific meeting by the approval from executive committee. FAUA also actively participates in another scientific meeting from Association members or from another worldwide urology association

Paksi Satyagraha
Secretary general

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