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Asian Urology Resident's Course Official Nominee

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AURC Testimonials

National Hospital Sri Lanka

" AURC has become a thread that connects the pearls of budding urologists across Asia. It created a long-lasting brotherhood in just a few days. As a resident, that knowledge helped me get through my exit exam and FRCS exam smoothly. May this great opportunity benefit the next batch of residents as well. "

- Ruwanpathirana Neranga Samarasinghe, MBBS, MD, MRCS, FRCS
AURC Alumni 2023
Singapore General Hospital

" AURC was truly an unforgettable experience - beyond the thrill of being in a foreign country and a well-organised programme with comprehensive lectures from prominent faculty, seeing how practices differ from one country to another really deepened my understanding on the practice of urology. But above all, the most important aspect of the course was the invaluable friendships built with many other urology trainees all over the region. Definitely recommended for all urology trainees! "

- Lee Han Jie, MBBS, MRCS
AURC Alumni 2023
St. Luke's Medical Center Philippines

" AURC is a rare opportunity not to be missed by any resident. I am grateful to Dr. Yrastorza for being one of the delegates of our society. The program is well-designed, as it showcases our knowledge, skills, and teamwork and also allows us to build friendships across the globe. "

- Marvin D. Castillo, MD
AURC Alumni 2023
Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia

" AURC is a well-structured program that is not only deepening our knowledge as urology residents but also giving us the opportunity to broaden our networking with colleagues from all over Asia. We could share our practice and tips and tricks through discussion, as well as see other perspectives on handling daily urological problems during the debate session. It is literally a very recommended program for urology residents, period. "

- Mega Anara Manurung, MD
AURC Alumni 2023

" 2 years ago, in 2022, I had this amazing opportunity to attend AURC in Sydney, and it was one of the most incredible experience I had as a resident. AURC is not just another usual educational course, in the short span of three days, I had a wonderful sessions that were led by esteemed international experts that were so engaging and mind-opening. We also had the opportunities to present our own topic and dive into a deep discussion between the experts and nominees. But the most important thing of AURC is about building connection, meeting other residents from all around Asia. All of this interaction turned into a long-life friendship and thus open a new network all around the globe. "

- Adhitama Alam Soeroto
AURC Alumni 2022
Hong Kong

" I participated in the AURC in 2022, and it was a truly remarkable three-day course. The lectures delivered by renowned international experts were invaluable, as they generously shared their own experiences. What set this course apart was its focus on not only exam preparation but also captivating discussions on lesser-known yet significant topics such as penile prosthesis, pelvic organ prolapse, and pediatric urology. The course provided a delightful learning experience and facilitated the formation of meaningful friendships with fellow attendees. "

- Thomas Wong
AURC Alumni 2022

" I had the opportunity to participate in AURC 2022 in Sydney, and it was an incredibly amazing experience. The three-day course covered topics ranging from common practices to rarely encountered ones, allowing me to compare management differences and technologies from various countries. In this course, topics were not only presented in expert lecture format but also accompanied by discussions, with each participant bringing forth specific topics. In addition to knowledge, cross-country connections also proved to be a valuable advantage gained from this course. "

- Steven
AURC Alumni 2022

" Each session was more than just learning; it was about connecting. The course became a confluence where like-minded individuals met, making the atmosphere electric with shared enthusiasm and curiosity. It wasn’t long before these interactions turned into meaningful friendships, enriching our professional paths and personal lives alike. Looking back, the AURC was not just an academic exercise but a pivotal, enriching chapter in my life story, filled with knowledge and newfound friendships. "

- Athaya Purnomo
AURC Alumni 2022